About Us

We like to be at home and be surrounded by things that make us happy and suit our home.

And that’s exactly what we sell -
things that make us happy having around at home,

whether it be aebleskiver and scone pans for making puff pancakes and scones or

looking at your plants living their best life in our cute and funky planters and vases that elevate your home.

It’s all about the hygge.

It’s not about having many things. It’s about finding the things that help you enjoy yourself and your surroundings.

If you like the stuff we like, I’m sure you’ll enjoy our home goods as much as we do.

And if our products are not your cup of tea, go find your happy place and hygge, it’s out there - we support you!


A Northern European brand with an office in Estonia, a designer in Denmark and customers from all over the world, we are proud to sell products that we have hand-picked and designed for our own home & kitchen.